Tree Messenger Bag Blue Denim Sycamore & Walnut Print 10 x 10

Tree Messenger Bag Blue Denim Sycamore & Walnut Print 10 x 10


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This is my original drawing of a Sycamore and Walnut Tree screen printed on blue denim cotton, then sewn into a messenger bag.

Size: 10"h x 10"w x 2.5"d

Strap Length: adjustable up to 53"

Bag body is black cotton bull denim and one of kind recycled sample fabric pieces.

3 inside pockets and 1 outside back pocket that all have velcro closures.

Magnetic closure on the front flap for securing your belongings.

Washing Instructions:
Hand wash cold, line dry or lay flat to dry

This is a great all purpose bag that is soft and lightweight, yet very sturdy.

I donate a portion of my tree designs to The National Arbor Day Foundation in support of their mission to plant more trees!

Peace and happiness to you!

American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) and Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)
The sycamore tree is easily recognized with its mottled beautiful white bark that shows the process of bark exfoliation more openly than any other tree. Sometimes the smaller limbs look like they have been whitewashed. I was drawn to this pair of trees because of the stark contrast their barks make in the winter when they are leafless. They stand together along a country road near my home. The black walnut which is native to Virginia, has deeply-furrowed, black bark and is prized for its beautiful wood and the nutritious nuts which are avidly harvested in the autumn.