Giraffe Pink & Gold 12 x 12 Print

Giraffe Pink & Gold 12 x 12 Print


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12 x 12 Silkscreen print of my “Compassion Giraffe” on archival scrapbooking paper.

What is a compassion giraffe? I made this image for a friend who conducts compassionate communication workshops. Their mascot is the giraffe because they have the largest heart of all land mammals and a long neck that allows them to see the bigger picture and have an empathetic or understanding overview of situations.

I printed these for fun because I liked the paper and found it at a yard sale- so they are one of a kind pieces!

Looks great framed however you choose to fit your decor. Just search online for 12 x 12 frames, there are some cool ones out there.

I think this would be great for a home office, gift for a giraffe lover, kids room, or anywhere it makes you happy! 😃